Krum, TX

bottom-threeAbout Krum, Texas

Krum, Texas is a rural town of about 4,000 people in Denton County, Texas. Even though it seems far removed from the bigger cities of North Texas, it’s actually close by to Denton and Dallas. This small area seems to be attracting more individuals and families wishing to lead the quiet life, while holding down jobs in nearby cities. Its population more than doubled between the 2000 and 2010 censuses, according to the United States Census Bureau!

A Quick History

Located right on Farm Road 1173, Krum was originally started when Mr. LL Finley sold 200 acres of farm land to the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway company for the founding of a town. The town site began in earnest with Finley opened a general merchandise store on the same lot now used by the Harpool Seed Company. In 1887, the town had its own railway depot, and its first Post Office was built in 1888.

After this point, Krum started to grow rapidly, in the way of many western towns at the time. It quickly got a blacksmith, a saloon, a lumber yard, a drug store, and a barbershop. Eventually, a one-room school house was moved to the area where today’s high school is located, and individual homes began to be built in the town, which had previously just acted as a gathering and trading spot for widespread local farmers.

The city continued to thrive until the Great Depression, when its population dropped below 300 individuals. But in the 1970’s, when the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area began to sprawl towards the north, more individuals sought the peace and quiet of towns like Krum, which offered convenient access to jobs in the city while being a quieter place to live.

Things to See in Krum

Like many Texas small towns, the main attraction that draws residents to Krum is that there aren’t many attractions. While this small town has a social life of its own, it doesn’t bring in many tourists, and there aren’t many big attractions to check out. Residents of Krum mostly enjoy leading a calm, quiet life outside of the city, but within easy reach of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

In spite of this, Krum residents can enjoy a variety of dining and shopping options. Dining options in the downtown area include Miguelito’s Mexican Restaurant, Bobcat Planet Pizza, Golden Chick, Subway, Pizza Hut, Mark’s Pizza, and a steakhouse. Shopping options, mainly situated along the two main streets through town, include Ms. Carolyn’s Attic, Flower Shop LLC, The Backdoor Music and Guitar Parlor, Krum Feed and Seed, and Outback Market.

Krum is also home to its own post office, as well as a public library that hosts a variety of events for families and seniors in the area. Besides this, there are several churches of different denominations in Krum, and many of the town’s residents are affiliated with one of them.

Education in Krum

Krum is serviced by the Krum Independent School District, which is made up of five public schools: the Early Education Center, Hattie Dyer Elementary, Blanche Dodd Intermediate, Krum Middle School, and Krum High School. The Class AA school system is known for having a surprisingly good athletic program in spite of its small size., The boys’ basketball team is rated among the best Class AA programs in the area, and the school actually runs a 7th, 8th, and 9th grade football program.

Krum also offers cross country, volleyball, cheerleading, powerlifting, golf, tennis, track, softball, and baseball programs through its public school system. The school system didn’t offer a football program until the stadium was constructed in 2010, but it has won many state titles for Boys’ Basketball, Boys’ Cross Country, and Girls’ Cross Country.

A Wonderful Place to Live

Krum is a particularly attractive home for young families looking for a place to raise children away from the many influences of a metropolitan area, and it’s also a great place to retire. Whatever your reason for moving here, our Krum Apartments offer excellent accommodations in the center of it all.